Welcome to NZ Virtual Aviation

NZ Virtual Aviation is a Virtual Airline emulating the operations of some of our national carriers. We have a large fleet and numerous local, regional and international destinations. Whether you're a novice pilot or more experienced, we have a flight and an aircraft for everyone. Fly over 4000 flight legs on our Domestic & International Schedules using our custom ACARS client either off-line in your own time, or online real-time with VATSIM.

We operate a full and current timetable giving you a broad range of choices. We also have a large fleet of aircraft ranging from the Dash8/Q300 and ATR short range turboprops, through to the Boeing 777 & 787 long haul jetliners.

If you're interested in flying for NZVA please read about us, check out our Operations Manual for joining conditions, before filling out the application form. Be sure you fully check out our site before deciding if NZVA is the right airline for you.

ACARS flights in progress

No flights in progress using ACARS


Date Flight No. Pilot From To Aircraft
2020-09-27 NZ145 NZ286  NZAA YBBN B772
2020-09-19 NZ2 NZ251  KLAX EGLL B77W
2020-09-14 NZ65 NZ027  NZAA WADD B772
2020-09-06 NZ6 NZ251  NZAA KLAX B772
2020-08-29 NZ112 NZ251  YSSY NZAA B772
2020-08-29 NZ5787 NZ048  NZRO NZCH AT75
2020-08-28 NZ6 NZ113  NZAA KLAX B772
2020-08-23 NZ103 NZ251  NZAA YSSY B772
2020-08-21 NZ61 NZ113  NZAA NCRG B772
2020-08-16 NZ8082 NZ251  NZNS NZAA DH8C