About the Airline

  1. Company Outline

    NZ Virtual Aviation is based in New Zealand. We currently operate a full flight schedule and timetables similar to some of the real world domestic carriers using a full fleet of aircraft, as used by those carriers.

    We do not have an affiliation with any other real world airline. No products are offered for sale, this is not a commercial site and no money is made from this site. It is an airline purely for the MS Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

    Virtual Airlines can emulate the operations of real-life airlines for people of all ages and backgrounds. Virtual Airlines are solely for users of flight simulation software. We simply operate to extend the fun and value of MS Flight Simulator and other simulators of the like and give the users an extension to their hobby.

    Before joining us, we encourage all prospective pilots to read this page, as well as the Operating Procedures to make sure they understand the rules of the airline, and also to look over the airline fully before deciding if they would like to join us or not.

  2. Company Operations

    NZ Virtual Aviation operates from it's home base in Auckland, New Zealand. We only have one Hub at present located at Auckland International Airport. All pilots are currently assigned to this Hub, but as we open other hubs, pilots will be given the choice of moving Hubs, and new pilots will be given the choice of what Hub they would like to fly from.

    Members and pilots of this VA will need to have a copy of either MS Flight Simulator 2004/FS9, FSX or P3D plus the relevant add on aircraft for the company.

    We require pilots to log a minimum of one flight per month. As soon as new pilots receive their pilot identification number, they can start operating flights from our schedules.

    Only valid flights from our flight schedules pages can be credited towards your official flight time.

    Always fly the aircraft type listed for the flight segment on the schedule. (E.G. You cannot use the Britannia Airlines 767-300 to fly to Hong Kong, it must be the aircraft as currently scheduled, e.g. 787 or 777)

    Pilots from other Virtual Airlines can transfer some of their previous flight time to us. Please note on pilot application previous VA hours, company, pilot ID and URL to previous VA on your application.

  3. Legal Disclaimer

    NZ Virtual Aviation is a Virtual Airline for MS Flight Simulator. No part of this Website Design and Layout may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any other means, electronic, or otherwise, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without express permission of NZ Virtual Aviation.