All our ranks are based on the number of hours flown by the pilot. Pilots with no previous Virtual Airline experience, or limited Virtual Airline Experience will begin with the rank of Trainee. The Trainee is limited to local domestic runs, flown by turboprop aircraft till he has attained 80 hours of flight time, and is familiar with the way the airline works, and is able to advance to the next level.

Ranks progression table

Rank Minimum Required Hours Cleared Aircraft
Trainee 0 Hours Dash 8-Q300
Second Officer 50 Hours Dash 8-Q300
Senior Second Officer 80 Hours ATR 72-5/600
First Officer 130 Hours Airbus 320-200
Senior First Officer 205 Hours Airbus 320-200
Captain 400 Hours Boeing 787-900
Senior Captain 600 Hours Boeing 777-200ER/300ER
Fleet Commander 900 Hours All Aircraft

 Hours Transfer?

Pilots with hours from a previous Virtual Airline experience upon reaching 10hrs as trainee and passed the B1900D type rating can have a maximum of 150hrs hours transferred to us, entitling them to the rank of First Officer and eligible to fly the B733. This is to ensure that new pilots to the airline gain sufficient domestic experience before rank advancement.

An email detailing their rank and what aircraft they are cleared to fly will be emailed to the pilot when his/her application is processed.

Pilots from other Virtual Airlines can transfer some of their previous flight time to our airline. Please note on pilot application previous VA hours, company, pilot ID and URL to previous VA on your application.