Airline Statistics

Overall Statistics

Total Pilots: 13
Total Hours: 26,459
Total PIREP's: 11,489
Total Miles: 9,799,296 nm
Total Fuel: 269,672,203 kgs

Recent Statistics

This WeekThis MonthLast Month
PIREP's: 3 2 2
Miles (nm): 2,690 1,513 4,117
Fuel (kg): 75,867 38,259 109,338
Hours: 6.88 4.02 9.43

Flights by Pilot: This Month

NZ192 - Dean Stringer179Fleet Commander
NZ165 - Steve Drake11434Senior Captain

Flights by Aircraft: Turbo-Props

Flights by Aircraft: Jets

Airframe Champions

The top 10 pilots by number of flights across all our most popular airframes

Steve Drake169
Murray Pilmer136
Dean Stringer102
Mike Bell73
Kevin Mitchell71
Valeriy Koksharoff40
Nick Roberts38
Jeff Fenton31
Ian White24
Mark Richards12
Valeriy Koksharoff57
Murray Pilmer45
Jeff Fenton43
Steve Drake20
Mark Richards18
Nick Roberts17
Jamie Marshall15
Stuart Sutton-Young11
Dean Stringer3
Kevin Mitchell3
Murray Pilmer276
Steve Drake255
Mike Bell119
Kevin Mitchell109
Dean Stringer97
Jeff Fenton84
Mark Richards62
Valeriy Koksharoff58
Jamie Marshall20
Stuart Sutton-Young2
Mike Bell82
Murray Pilmer46
Jeff Fenton36
Kevin Mitchell23
Steve Drake13
Jamie Marshall6
Mark Richards1
Valeriy Koksharoff1
Jack Semenoff413
Murray Pilmer141
Jeff Fenton85
Dean Stringer28
Kevin Mitchell23
Steve Drake18
Mike Bell6
Valeriy Koksharoff4
Jamie Marshall3
Mark Richards3
Murray Pilmer135
Jack Semenoff131
Kevin Mitchell28
Jeff Fenton20
Dean Stringer4
Mark Richards2
Jamie Marshall1
Mike Bell1
Steve Drake1

Retired Airframes

Dean Stringer6
Jamie Marshall2
Ian White1
Valeriy Koksharoff166
Dean Stringer115
Murray Pilmer109
Kevin Mitchell88
Ian White61
Stuart Sutton-Young48
Steve Drake42
Mark Richards39
Jeff Fenton35
Nick Roberts16
Dean Stringer136
Murray Pilmer90
Steve Drake80
Kevin Mitchell70
Jeff Fenton68
Valeriy Koksharoff66
Nick Roberts10
Mark Richards7
Stuart Sutton-Young2
Jack Semenoff1
Murray Pilmer95
Jeff Fenton81
Valeriy Koksharoff57
Kevin Mitchell52
Dean Stringer45
Steve Drake5
Mark Richards3
Jamie Marshall2
Kevin Mitchell5
Mark Richards5
Jamie Marshall2
Dean Stringer1
Murray Pilmer1

NZVA All Stars

Top 15 individual pilot flight counts and hours totals of all time across any airframe
note: the hours column includes time carried over by members of the previous NZVA site. The flights column does not

Flights logged
Murray Pilmer1,205
Steve Drake603
Dean Stringer570
Kevin Mitchell557
Jack Semenoff546
Jeff Fenton496
Valeriy Koksharoff453
Mike Bell298
Mark Richards152
Ian White86
Hours logged
Jack Semenoff3,881
Murray Pilmer3,785
Jeff Fenton1,944
Kevin Mitchell1,722
Mike Bell1,156
Dean Stringer1,032
Steve Drake900
Valeriy Koksharoff851
Mark Richards300
Jamie Marshall218

Destination Demons

Pilots who've flown to the most domestic and international destinations as currently scheduled.
indicates has flown to EVERY destination available





Top Rookie Pilots

The top-10 new hires rated by flights in the turbo-props (this list only includes pilots pilots up to and including the rank of Senior Second Officer)

Nick Roberts38
Stuart Sutton-Young3
Nick Roberts17
Stuart Sutton-Young11